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Science is frustratingfun because you haveget to work with slow, fast rigid, flexible inconvenientuser-friendly software that makes it hard easy to keep track of data and complicatesfacilitates collaboration.

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  • Open Mol Events

    #Informatics #OpenDatabase #DataMining

    Have to look through many open databases to gather information about an interesting molecule? Let's make it a single database!

  • HPLC Prep

    #Automation #Purification

    Going from QC to Purification, automatically selecting the best conditions and applying focused gradients, etc.

  • HighRes Mass Spec

    #AnalyticalChemistry #MassSpectrometry

    Add support for Mass Spec without chromatography (e.g. MALDI) to Peaksel. To use the same tool for both techniques.

  • Web-based NMR

    #AnalyticalChemistry #NMR

    Add support for NMR processing to Peaksel. To keep all the analytical data in the same tool.

  • Cryo-EM workflow


    Tool for designing and executing of Cryo-EM workflows.

  • HTE Design/Execution

    #HTE #MedicinalChemistry #Automation

    Design HTE, set up conditions and labware, execute experiments, store results. And keep it all simple to democratize high-throughput experiments.