HTE Design & Execution Platform

We have a lot of experience building HTE platforms for big pharma. Our previous work turned into a very successful product that led to democratization of HTE across multiple sites: ~200 medicinal chemists doing HTE for their projects. It's time to build something commercial, off-the-shelf - something that other companies can enjoy.

The platform can/will include a design phase:

  1. Setting up generic reaction scheme, enumerating combinations of products
  2. Defining conditions (for condition screening experiments): setting up stoichiometries and reagent combinations
  3. Setting up controls
  4. Defining and optimizing plate layouts

An execution phase:

  1. Calculating the amounts and forms to order. And actually placing the order.
  2. Uploading and matching the procured compounds to with the design
  3. Fixing potential procurement problems with the order of vials and the missing/insufficient amounts
  4. Generation of worklists for the preparation of Stock Solutions, Source Plates and for the actual Reaction mixtures

And a post-synthesis phase:

  1. Reformatting of the plates for the subsequent analysis
  2. Storing the analytical results, matching them with the reactions to select best reaction conditions
  3. Purification of the products for prep workflows
  4. Support for the direct-to-biology workflow
  5. Creating scale up experiments from the initial screens
  6. Providing the data the future machine learning

We build high-quality, user-friendly apps. If you want to get a taste of how the end result will look, we can show you other systems that we have built.

If you're interested in sponsoring or want to be notified about the progress, let us know at Here's our Business Model. By sponsoring this product you may get access to other products and capabilities that we work on.