chromatogram landscape

Next generation chromatography software

  • Keep all samples in one database
  • Analyze large parallel experiments quickly
  • Integrate with existing IT infrastructure
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Are you a scientist?

  • Enjoy clean and fast user interface
  • Analyze lots of samples quickly
  • Easily share results with colleagues
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    Are you an IT manager?

  • Maintain only 1 machine for all analytical instruments
  • Integrate with existing software via REST API
  • What you can do with Peaksel

    Select, move, change peaks by holding E (edit) on your keyboard

    Wondering if you missed 1 sample out of hundred? QC them quickly and find the outliers

    Still want to go through all the chromatograms? Use W, A, S, D keys to quickly navigate between them

    Using multiple detectors but they got misaligned? Drag chromatograms by X axis to align them

    Zoom in specific chromatogram by clicking on the legend