Crystal management

Design crystallography experiments, track X-ray and Cryo-EM results

Problems that can be solved with Molevent

  • Design experiments

    Capture conditions, harvesting procedure, generate unique Crystal IDs. Send the crystals to a synchrotron and store results in Crystaline for further data mining.

  • Pucks & plates

    Keep a registry crystallization plates and pucks. Fill the pucks with crystals, send them to the beamline and re-use for future harvesting.

  • Mine the data

    Get insights from the organization, project, team-wide reports. Build any report and customize it however you like. Look at the data manually or provide it as part of the API to integrate with other systems.

  • Integrate with ELNs

    We already integrate with some ELNs (e.g. Signals) and sync data between systems. You can also build any type of endpoints manually to feed it into other in-house systems.