HPLC Purification workflow

Looking for sponsors to create a web app to cover the following aspects of the Purification workflow:

  1. Request handling between synthetic and purification scientists
  2. Selecting best Prep conditions out of scouting runs
  3. Generation of sample lists for purification or a direct start of the instruments (the vendors are already working on this)
  4. Liquid handling for plate reformatting
  5. Worklists for weighing, and storing the results
  6. QC of the purified fractions
  7. Registration of batches

We build high-quality, user-friendly apps. If you want to get a taste of how the end result will look, you can check out Peaksel which already covers the QC (scouting) part of the workflow.

If you're interested in sponsoring or want to be notified about the progress, let us know at support@elsci.io. Here's our Business Model.