Some of the terminology that Peaksel uses differs from the terminology in other CDS - usually the intent is to make it more precise or more generic to cover a broader set of instruments. Use Ctrl+F or Cmd+F to search for terms on this page.

Peaksel Vocabulary and Abbreviations

Base - the most abundant spectrum value (on the X axis) at specific RT or within a peak. In terms of Mass Spectrometry it's usually called Base Peak Mass (BPM) - the prevailing m/z. In terms of UV/IR/Vis detectors it's the wavelength of maximum absorbance.

RT - Retention Time, an X point on a chromatogram. Usually measured in minutes. Peak RT is the time of its highest point.

Batch - a set of instrument injections grouped together. Usually they represent 1 logical experiment.

DAD (Diode Array Detection) or PDA (Photodiode-Array Detection) - a type of detectors which measures the absorbance of wavelengths in UV and Visible range. Each diode measures some specific wavelengths, and since there are many diodes (an array) we get a whole spectrum gathered with one measurement (as opposed to UV detector which measures only 1 wavelength at a time).

Total Chromatogram aka TIC (Total Ion Chromatogram) in Mass Spec, TWC (Total Wave Chromatogram) in DAD. As opposed to Extracted Chromatogram.

Extracted Chromatogram - in Mass Spec it's an EIC (Extracted Ion Chromatogram), in DAD it's a chromatogram with some particular wavelength. As opposed to Total Chromatogram.

EMW (exact molecular weight) - the molecular weight of the primary isotope of a compound.

Mass Spectrometry types, modes and data processing: ScanMode, SIM, TOF, QTOF, Quadrupole, SQD, SRM, Product Ion Scan, etc.

Injection - represents data (spectra, chromatograms) with all detector measurements for the injected aliquot. Note that it's not the same as Sample - which can be injected multiple times.

MISER (Multiple Injections in a Single Experimental Run) - is a way to leverage Flow Injection Analysis (FIA) of analytical instruments. Typical workflow is injecting a sample, then washing, then injecting again. In MISER runs you inject, then inject again without washing. In the end you wind up with a single long chromatogram for many injections. This may not be as clean (because column could be dirtied), but it's a way of speeding up analysis. Peaksel will split MISER chromatogram into many different injections and will report values for each of them separately to simplify further data analysis.

LargestPeak - peak with maximum area count among the peaks of the same substance on the same chromatogram.

MF - Molecular Formula

Sample - a mixture or a pure compound that needs to be analyzed. Sample sample can be injected multiple times resulting in multiple Injections, so these are not synonyms.