Minable analytical data

Speed up analytical workflows, centralize data, simplify access

Have to say I'm grateful that Peaksel has greatly improved our efficiency of HTE analysis recently!

— Shimin Su, the Liao Group at Guangzhou National Laboratory, China

Demo video

Problems that can be solved with Peaksel

  • Keep up with synthesis

    High Throughput Experimentation (HTE) and High Throughput Screening (HTS) generate huge number of samples. Analyzing them using traditional tools takes hours if not days. Peaksel's batch-level QC, quick navigation and batch editing drastically shorten this time, sometimes to minutes » Read more

  • Data at your fingertips

    Peaksel provides a searchable database which lets you quickly get access to historical data. Not only to you, but to anyone on your team.

  • One tool to rule them all

    Keep terabytes of chromatographic data from all your vendors (Waters MassLynx, Agilent Chemstation/OpenLab/MassHunter, Bruker HyStar, Shimadzu LabSolutions, etc) and all detector types (Mass Spec, UV, ELSD and so on) in a single database. Use web browser to analyze, modify and share them with colleagues.

  • In situ data analysis

    You don't have to export data to analyze it elsewhere anymore - Peaksel provides native data analysis capabilities. Flexible data tables, beautiful visualizations, statistics, custom formulae, you name it. But if you do need to export - you can do this either manually (CSV) or programmatically via REST API.

  • Share data externally

    Set up a communication channel to exchange real data between companies (e.g. between CRO/CMO and their clients) instead of exchanging PDF & Excel files.