Minable analytical data

Speed up analytical workflows, centralize data, simplify access

Keep up with synthesis

High Throughput Experimentation (HTE) and High Throughput Screening (HTS) generate huge number of samples. Analyzing them using traditional tools takes hours if not days. Peaksel's batch-level QC, quick navigation and batch editing drastically shorten this time, sometimes to minutes ยป Read more

liquid handler

Data at your fingertips

Peaksel provides a searchable database which lets you quickly get access to historical data. Not only to you, but to anyone on your team.

search in database

One tool to rule them all

Keep terabytes of chromatographic data from all your vendors (Waters, Agilent, etc) and all instrument types (Mass Spec, UV and so on) in a single database. Use web browser to analyze, modify and share them with colleagues.

many HPLC instruments

In situ data analysis

You don't have to export data to analyze it elsewhere anymore - Peaksel provides native data analysis capabilities. Flexible data tables, beautiful visualizations, statistics, custom formulae, you name it. But if you do need to export - you can do this either manually (CSV) or programmatically via REST API.