chromatogram landscape

Multi-vendor CDS

  • Analyze hundreds of chromatograms quickly
  • Keep samples from all vendors in one database
  • Open chromatograms right in Web browser
  • Easily share chromatograms with others
  • Fetch data for mining, integrate with other tools
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Are you a scientist?

  • Keep terabytes of chromatograms
  • Access any chromatogram at any time
  • Use same tool for all HPLC vendors
  • Speed up analysis with batch processing
  • manager

    Are you from IT?

  • Integrate with existing software via API
  • Maintain 1 database for all chromatograms
  • No end-user installation - opens in browser
  • Features

    • Edit, integrate, extract chromatograms [1]
    • Batch-process chromatograms and QC them [2]
    • Generate Excel & PDF reports [3]
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