Tracking molecules

All the "who, when, where" in a single place

Problems that can be solved with Molevent

  • Visibility across teams

    Sketched? Synthesized? Purified? Automatically feed all the events into MolEvent and learn about anything that happens to your molecules across your whole organization. Read events in your ELN and create alerts if someone already worked with the same compounds.

  • Virtual Compounds

    Register IDs for your Virtual Compounds, share those instead of using pictures or chemical files. Write your own ID generation algorithms if need to.

  • Mine the data

    Get insights from the organization, project, team-wide reports using data gathered from all your systems.

  • Event sourcing

    Instead of integrating every software with every other software, use MolEvent as a single source of all events from all systems.

  • Use existing connectors

    We have already written some connectors to 3d-party software. Let us know which software you need to gather data from.