Installing Peaksel on Ubuntu/Debian

This instruction will guide you to install Peaksel as well as its database (PostgreSQL) as Docker containers. You may want to consider installing and managing database separately for production use.

  1. Install Docker & DockerCompose either using official docs or by downloading this script on Ubuntu and running it.
  2. Register a user at DockerHub, and run docker login on Ubuntu
  3. Email us the username so that we grant permissions
  4. Download and unzip Peaksel configs
  5. Edit docker-compose.yml and replace VERSION with a real version (which you should receive from us via email).
  6. Step into the folder in the terminal and run docker-compose up -d
  7. Now you can open it in your browser: http://[ip-address-of-ubuntu-machine]:8080

Should you have questions contact us at